Let Go The Goat
Let Go The Goat
Jane Clark Scharl

Jane Clark Scharl

Episode 5

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An interview with Jane Clark Scharl where we discuss what makes a good poem.

About Jane Clark Scharl
Jane Clark Scharl is an American poet, playwright, and critic.Her poetry has appeared in many American and European outlets, including the BBC, The Hopkins Review, The New Ohio Review, The Hudson Review, The American Journal of Poetry, The Lamp, Measure Review, and others. Her criticism has appeared in Dappled Things, Fare Forward, Plough Quarterly, and others.Her first verse drama, Sonnez Les Matines, was published by Wiseblood Books in February 2023.She lives in Detroit with her husband and children.

About Mike Rippy
Mike has worked in the art museum industry for over 20 years and the visual arts for over 30. Through LGTG, Mike will be sharing his own burgeoning journey into a deeper understanding of poetry so that others who may be curious but intimidated by the medium may feel less apprehensive.

Let Go The Goat
Let Go The Goat
Into the Wilderness
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